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About Inner Victory Champions, LLC
Inner Victory Champions, LLC was born of my calling in life, which is to help people both heal themselves and the world around them by bringing out the best in people.

I am Accolon Hollingsworth.
I grew up wanting to help many painful problems in the world such as domestic violence,  suicide, addiction, the conflict between men and women etc. When I was a boy, I saw peope hurting themselves, and people hurting others. I wanted to help people out of their pain.

I apprenticed under a unique Kung Fu Teacher who taught me how to help people win their inner battles. He began by first helping me overcome my childhood pain of having grown up in an alcoholic household. I felt so much relief, I wanted to help other people the way I was helped. As a live in apprentice, I learned how help people turn their own inner struggles into inner victories. I've spent decades developing what I was taught into a self-mastery system.  

Applying this system to my own life has given me an edge in life. I've developed enough inner strength to handle lifes challenges. I've even used my specialized warrior skills to master overcoming the pain in life to the point of being mentally/emotionally indestructable. 

I'm on a mission to help people have the same edge in life that I have. I train people to live as champions:

- Inner Strength Champions
-Inner Health Champions
- Inner Victory Champions

The world is good at turning people against themselves. I help people push back on that negative influence and live triumphantly in their magnificence!

My mission at Inner Victory Power LLC is to help people increase health, wellness, and safety in both themselves and the world around them, 
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