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About Inner Victory Champions, LLC
Inner Victory Champions, LLC was born of my calling in life, which is to help people both heal themselves and the world around them. I grew up wanting to help many painful problems in the world such as domestic violence,  suicide, racism, the conflict between men and women etc. 

I am Accolon Hollingsworth, and I was blessed to recieve Kung Fu Priest training that answered my childhood question of how can I help people with the hurtful hings in the life? I learned how to help people overcome their inner struggles (as a warrior, I call theses inner battles) so they can feel good about themselves

After being trained as a kung fu priest, I went on to apply the skills and strengths I had learned to regular life i.e. working, teaching, marriage, divorce, parenting etc...common life stuff. This has enabled me to overcome the challenges that go along with these things. I even mastered overcoming emotional pain. This is due to my specialized warrior skills.

To give people the same edge that I have over the challneges of life, I developed a specialized self-care/self-mastery training. This training was more than 20 years in the making. The first 12 years were my initial study. Experiential learning through application is how I develped this training, which I call Spiritual Kung Fu Warrior Training.

My mission at Inner Victory Power LLC is to help people increase health, wellness, and safety in both themselves and the world around them,