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Mike Gowans Founder and CEO

My passion for helping people be inspired by the person in the mirror is best summed up by an experience I wrote about back on August 29, 2018:

Once again, I begin this day with wonderful feelings. I feel calm, centered, and ready for life today. I am also feeling self-fulfillment. And I saw in the mirror a glimmer in my eyes, bright with my soul stepping into the world with the purpose of helping others feel these wonderful feelings too. 

I help people who want to be inspired by the person in the mirror master self-confidence and live as champions with a transformational training that turns them into a hero for themselves and a hope for humanity.

This specialized training is my Spiritual Kung Fu Warrior Training. 

It transforms people into:

- Self-Confidence Masters
- Inner Strength Champions
- Inner Victory Champions
- Masters of Inner Health
- Self masters
- Heroes for Themselves

This is done without having to be positive all the time, having to do it perfectly, or wasting time on meaningless goals.

This is an opportunity to leave the common path of suffering, and live a meaningful life inspired by the person in the mirror.
Mike Gowans Founder and CEO

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